Leadership Styles Of The President 's Leadership Program Essays

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Every organization, business, or operation of any kind has a similar structure or lineup if you will. They each have a code that puts them in the same category of organization or business together. This code is made up of various things, but the main parts are a leader, a purpose, and an organizational chart whether written down or not, and communication. These aspects create organizations, but how the organization uses these aspects or incorporates these aspects into the organization sets each of them apart. As we have learned previously this semester and last year in the President’s Leadership Program, there are different kinds of leadership styles. The main three are authoritarian which uses a more direct approach to leading where a single or group of people control most of the decisions of a situation, democratic which uses an approach that focuses on having all members participate in decision making and ideas, and laissez-faire which uses a hands off approach in which the leader takes almost no part in decisions or actions. Personally I am a fan of democratic, which is becoming more popular with growing companies as the idea that two heads are better than one precedes that of just one head being the best.
In my shadowing experience with financial consultant, Ronald Vasquez, the leadership style is interesting. Being a financial consultant he works primarily alone as he collects different clients to do business with. His leadership style is interesting because I have…

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