Leadership Strengths Of My First Leadership Roles Essay

1974 Words Nov 11th, 2016 8 Pages
Leadership strengths One of my first leadership roles included people that were new to the department. So I took on a directing style of leadership by being very specific in tasking and expectations. I gave them specific tasks to complete, explained what needed to be done, how it should be done and when I expected it to be completed. I did not give them any room for deviation from the task to be completed. According to Daft (2014), “The directing style is a highly dictating style and involves giving explicit directions about how tasks should be accomplished”. I started by breaking out each unique area of the overall project. Then selecting each unique part of a project to be completed one at a time by them, narrowed their focus. This also made it easier for me to give specific instructions for just that portion of work. This also made it possible to specify clear directions for them to complete that specific part. Having specific instructions, also made expectations clear of their performance. This was mutually beneficial to myself and to them in completion of the overall tasks. The results of clear specific directions were good, as they were completed on time, properly done as required, and less stress in achieving the overall goal of the project. I was pleased and they were pleased creating more confidence for all concerned. Fewer mistakes were made and when they did occur, were addressed at each point before moving on allowing for a smoother flow to the…

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