Athena Matilda Nadalin: The Leadership Selfie

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The Leadership Selfie
Athena Nadalin

1. Who are you… really?
My full name is Athena Matilda Nadalin. My middle name comes from my grandmother’s middle name. I have 3 half sisters, Brittany, Charlotte and Jessica. They are all off to university (Western, University of British Columbia, and Boston University) so I live with my mom and dad. I have hair that’s basically a mix of every colour; it’s also ridiculously thick. I have blue eyes and am slightly taller than I wish I was, but I can’t complain. Those are all the things everyone knows about me; you can tell most of it by just looking at me. However, there are infinite things that you can’t know about a person by looking at their physical appearance. I’ve always been noticed for my
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I was in the theatre of this big beautiful house and I was there to supervise and make sure nothing got stolen. As it got late, less and less people started coming. I found myself on my phone and browsing through BuzzFeed articles. I found this one about 100 ways you can make someone’s day. I read every single one and I was so inspired. I realized how you can make someone’s life better by such simple things. Holding a door open, buying the homeless man on your street some food for dinner, telling someone they have a beautiful smile; these are all things that can be done in a matter of seconds. I stopped and wondered, “why don’t people do this more often?” I really tried to understand this question. It racked my brain for a long time. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that there is no legitimate reason for not taking a few seconds out of your day to make someone else’s day better. Ever since then, kindness is what I want to accomplish every day. I want to make someone else smile, make someone else’s life a little easier, make someone else grateful that people like me still exist. I would recommend kindness to anybody and everybody. I truly believe that the best way to make your life whole is to contribute to …show more content…
This March Break I am going to Costa Rica to volunteer with underprivileged kids. I’m more excited about it than I’ve ever been excited about anything. I know I’m going to be so inspired when I get back, and I want everybody else to feel that way too. My trip is very expensive; I know most people would not be able to afford to go on it. Going somewhere to volunteer with the school would be an incredible experience, but it would need to be affordable. People shouldn’t have to miss out on this just because they can’t afford it. Hopefully the school can work something out, because I know that this is something that no student would want to miss out

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