Leadership Self Assessment : A Leader Essay example

1313 Words Jan 30th, 2016 null Page
Leadership self-assessment is a vital concept that can help an individual know the level of their readiness to thrive as a leader. It will help re-discover the needed improvements that is lacking in the process of being a true leader that can impact the needed difference. Over the course of my leadership classes so far, I have acquired the concept and know-how that will help me thrive as a decisive leader. In this spring semester, I am happy to acquire more knowledge that will reinforce my ability to thrive as a leader.
As a leader, I garner strength and motivation from different experience and it is paramount to see the positive aspect of different situation in order to succeed as a leader. Many leadership theories, concepts and ideas has help guide the structure of my leadership strength. The following theories has immensely contributed to my leadership skills: Equity theory- tells that followers will be motivated when their perceived input equals output. In an organization that is diversified (race, gender, military, language, nationality, disability, experience ,qualification), followers who work hard and get less compensation due to the diversity mentioned, often feel a sense of inequality. Though there are certain diversity factors like qualification and experience that helps build the hierarchy of an organization, but unfortunately some organization does put unethical diversity factors, like race, gender, nationality and gender, into perspective when dealing with…

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