Leadership Of Taj Kansas City Behavioral Health Holdco, Llc ( Kcbhh ) Organization

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Strong Leadership Means What? As economies, industries, and environments change across the global marketplace, so must organizations in order to remain viable and gain or maintain a strong corporate operational advantage. Leaders are challenged with the task of preparing organizations and staff members to handle change in a positive and constructive manner. As stated by Băeşu and Bejinaru (2013) “if leaders want the success of the organization then they have to prepare their employees for change” (p. 146). Strong leaders understand the path to lead their staff and the organization, and will create a resilient sense of follow-ship and inclusion. Presented is the analysis of the article focused on the leadership of Taj Mabai and recommendations about the use of the same strategies within the Kansas City Behavioral Health Holdco, LLC (KCBHH) organization.
Leadership of Taj Mabai Staff development begins with recruitment and organizational socialization across the entire company. This is established through strong hiring procedures and great developmental or training process. Taj Mabai works to hire managers which have been identified as hands on and incorporate “integrity and a devotion to duty [rather] than on acquiring those with talent and skills” (Dshpande & Raina, 2011, p. 120). This along with an eighteen month, instead of a 12 month manager training program, has developed strong leadership with an understanding of corporate goals, values, and mission. As a…

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