Leadership Mentoring And Succession Of The Charismatic Churches

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Mahlangu. "Leadership Mentoring And Succession In The Charismatic Churches In Bushbuckridge." Hervormde Teologiese Studies 70.1 (2014): 1-10. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2015.” Talks about how it is so important to mentor people. When we mentor or disciple these high school students we are showing interest in their life. “Sanderson, Jessica, Dave Ambrose, and Jacquelyn Perreault. “The Hartford Project: Program Evaluation And Implications For Youth Ministry.” Journal Of Youth Ministry Fall 2013 (2013): Christian Periodical Index. Web. 23 Oct. 2015.” This article talks about how it is important to have someone that pours into the high school students. Discipleship is a way where these students can have someone guide on the right path. Help them with any questions or any problems they have. Be that big brother or big sister to those high school students. In this Article "Cultivating A New Generation Of Church Leaders." Network News (2015): 9-11. Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 Oct. 2015.” It is says that we need cultivate a new generation of church leaders. That is exactly what we are doing when we disciple these students. That is exactly what my High School pastor did for me. I am going to be a pastor. Therefore, if it was not for my High School Pastor to step up and disciple me like the article says. I would not be going to school to be a pastor. We need to disciple the high school students to raise them up to become leaders of the church. Therefore, they can pour…

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