Leadership, Leadership And Management Skills Essay

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Heading an organization, event or the world requires great leadership and management skills. Leading and management require many things including being able to draw in those who are willing to be encouraged in order to lead one day themselves. Leaders are organized and have a great way of communicating in order to keep things running smoothly while at the same time helping those who are listening and working with them to believe in themselves. Many management theorist believe that managers and leaders are two different entities. Leaders and manager are built and depending on their passion, character and experiances they all manage and lead differently. Leaders and managers while working in organizations and events show their employees how to be effective when it comes to the population they are servicing.
Leadership and Management Roles The leaders role are to be the communicator, thinker, decision-maker, team builder, and image builder. They are usually the ones who will help to motivate, and speak as well enough to be sure that all those who are listening will walk away with a positive way of thinking and having confidence that they can do all tasks as requested Blanchard, R. (2012). The managers role are to carry-out all tasks that is issued and making sure to delegate all tasks and be sure that progress is being made. A manager will issue and oversee that things are going well and that things are done in a timely manner. Manager also report back on progress and find…

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