Essay on Leadership Is Not A Position Or A Title

1215 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
American politician Cory Booker once stated, “Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example” (Booker 1). It is what a leader does and how they chose to lead that defines them rather than the letters CEO printed on their name-badge. A leader is someone with courage; someone who believes when everyone else has given up; someone who keeps moving forward despite the unending obstacles set in their path. It is leaders like these that we look for to manage organizations, businesses, and corporations, but most importantly, our country. For centuries, Americans have supported strong leaders in office, and in turn, our nation has seen growth and prosperity. However, many are beginning to question if our president today coincides with history. Just like every other president before him, he is held to the expectations that define a leader. The question is “Does he fulfill them? Does he lead by action and example?” Most argue he does not. Because of the many inconsistencies and unfulfilled promises Barack Obama has exhibited as president, he has demonstrated poor leadership in the eyes of most Americans.
President Obama’s failed efforts to lower the federal deficit and generate economic growth serve as prime examples of his weak performance in office. When he entered his first term of presidency in 2009, our economy was desperate for the economic recovery he guaranteed America. Approaching his last year in office, we have yet to see such reform. Instead, our nation’s…

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