Essay about Leadership, Innovation, And Growth

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Question 1
Leadership, Innovation, and Growth (LIG) is a 4- day program at GE aimed to make the company an innovative organization. Ultimate purpose of LIG program is ultimately to implant growth and innovation into the DNA of the company. The program was successful to move GE into an innovative organization due to involving following key elements;
Value of Team Training: Firstly, Team training provided an opportunity for managers to reach a consensus on issues of the change and how they tackle those issues.
Barriers to Change: Secondly, participants are encouraged to discuss both hard barriers to change (ex. organizational structure) and soft barriers (ex. employee behaviors).
Managing present and the future: Balancing short term and long term plans were explicitly discussed.
A vocabulary of change: The courses and sessions developed a common vocabulary of change for everyone. Literally, the words become a part of routine communications inside GE and across GE’s businesses.
Action Plan: Finally, this was not an academic exercise. Each team was expected to draft an action plan for internalizing change activities.
Question 2
Firstly, Home Depot managers had identified key aspects of the culture that needed to change to reach new performance goals. Then, they have adopted a variety of standard and measurable tools to support new business model and modified culture. As those mechanisms got momentum, people become positive and work together across the organization to embrace…

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