Leadership Goals : Managing My Time More Effectively When Working On Assignments And Homework

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Leadership development goals Be more creative when thinking of new innovative solutions to problems. Managing my time more effectively when working on assignments and homework.
Why my Current State of leadership needs to improve in this area? Currently I am not coming up with new and creative ideas when I am thinking about solving a problem. I revert back to what I’ve encountered in the past and how it is similar to the new problem I’m faced with and if any of my existing knowledge I have will apply to the new problem. While I think this is a good idea, I shouldn’t do it for every problem. My lack of creativity is holding me back on my goal to being a stronger leader because it limits the ideas I think of. If I work on my creativity I will be able to attack problems from different angles then I have in the past. Right now I do not use my time effectively enough. I tend to drag things out, and make assignments take longer than they should. Too many distractions and just a lack of initiative currently seem to be two of my biggest problems when I start losing productivity. My time management skills are currently holding me back on my goal of becoming a stronger leader because I could more effectively get my work done and have more time for other activities.
Specific – What exactly I want to achieve Every time I come across a new problem or situation want to not use an existing solution. I want to start using all new ideas when doing assignments. I want to make more…

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