Leadership Culture Of A Health Care Organization Essay

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Introduction Instead of thinking of leadership in terms of a process it is better for one to think of leadership in terms of outcomes. By solely focusing on leadership as a process we often miss out on answering important questions such as: What is leadership? Why do we need leadership? Having a broad prospective allows us to see the importance of leadership and the effects of having either poor or strong leadership. By placing outcomes at the center one’s conception of leadership, we will be able to see how leadership shapes the culture of a health care organization. The leadership culture of a health care organization should be a key component in organizational design of standards, goals, and vision and quality improvement. Because of the foundation, leadership culture has been shown to have a profound effect on operational and business performance (Klein, Bigley, & Roberts, 2016).
Conditions that Must Exist in an Organization to Develop Leadership Culture Leadership culture is a way of doing things within an organization that has been embedded within every individual. It is important to healthcare management because it dictates to how an organization with be run. In addition, it operates under the assumption that is based off the expectations of those in leadership positions. According to Drath, McCauley, Palus, Van Velsor, O’Connor, & McGuire (2008) leadership culture is the pattern of basic shared assumptions beliefs that a group uses and teaches to new member and old…

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