Essay about Leadership Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Effective Leadership
Many people celebrated as highly effective leaders have character traits that the society classifies as both good and bad. However, from the broad definition of leadership, the end seems to justify the means. Leadership is about influencing people or subordinates through motivation so that they can accomplish set of activities, goals, or objectives (Walker, & Miller, 2009). The personal attribute of a leader is critical in defining his or her input in leading the organization. The known successful leaders are either rough or smooth. However, the model of influencing the activities in the organization tends to define their success. For example, Gandhi believed in smoothness whereas Hitler believed in sternness, yet all of them achieved the desired result. This essay explores the characteristics of bad and good people that make them good leaders, how morally corrupt people make good leaders, and the leadership characteristics that transcend morality.
Characteristics of Good and Bad People that Make Them Effective Leaders
Effective leadership is about a person’s characteristics. The effective leaders are those that have courage to pursue the perceived tasks. Courage is necessary in making tough decisions within the organization (Walker, & Miller, 2009). At times certain decisions such as changing the tradition of the organization need people that have courage to lead that cause. Unlike everybody else, the leader should be ambitious. The changes that we…

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