Colin Powell's 18 Lessons In Leadership

It is important to remember that, having that title of ‘leader’, comes with its own set of responsibilities and challenges. We must do our due diligence in ensuring we do our best to create an environment, which promotes change. In reading Colin Powell’s 18 Lessons in Leadership, I learned that I can relate to many of his principles in one way or another. However, the three principles I chose were the principles that I believe I identified with the most. These principles, not only pertain to my military profession as a leader and mentor, but they also translate to my civilian profession as well. In my civilian profession, I work as a Senior Social Worker in child protective services. My job is to help reunify and/or preserve the family in an effort to ensure children’s safety and stability. As I detail how these principles pertain to me in my military …show more content…
Whether in the position of officer or the lead in case management, we will fulfill that role as a facilitator trying to inspire and produce change from the people we are working with. I believe it is important to create and maintain relationships based on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect. This concept will help when trying to develop an environment where people feel comfortable confiding in you. Once you have earned people’s trust and respect, your efforts of motivating them to accomplish missions are vastly improved. You are better able to formulate plans and courses of actions with positive end results. When forging relationships, it is important to remember that people are different on so many levels and they deserve the opportunity to be treated as individuals based on their personal characteristics, values, and beliefs. The same applies to the various situations we encounter in life. Taking the time to learn people; their strengths and weakness, will be an asset while leading people down the road to

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