Essay on Leadership As A Effective Leadership

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Leadership in Organizations focuses on an effective leadership in organizations through both practice and the theory. Dan Dalton was the marketing vice president for Cromwell Electronics. Dan appointed Ed Corelli as the manager of a newly formed marketing unit for the eastern region. This unit will be responsible for developing marketing presentations, advertising campaigns and promotions for the sale of Cromwell products in the eastern region. This unit has six marketing specialists; two are long-time employees, and the other four are newly hired. Ed is giving all of his subordinates an equal opportunity to develop a closer relationship. He wants to provide his employees with more responsibility, recognition and rewards for the subordinates if they demonstrate high motivation. Ed has developed a favorable exchange relationship with the senior specialists such as Pat, but has a low-quality exchange relationship with specialists such as Katie. To find the perfect stability of effective leadership and assertive leadership is quite possibly the hardest objective facing many managers. The manager needs to avoid discrimination, try not to micromanage, trying to push your employees to their potential without seeming overbearing are the things that manager face on a daily basis, and balancing these is often times a lot more stressful than actually completing projects on time. Yet, all of these things are the most common and easily fixable issues in a company. Leader-member…

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