Leadership As A Development Of Understanding Of One 's Worldview

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Leaders with mainstream perspective believe that following a leader is the only “right” way, in simple terms; they rely on developing a culture of following the boss. Leading does not necessarily imply giving orders; rather it is to earn confidence from others to the extent that they become willing to follow the directives given. The primary question raised for those that aspire to be leaders is, ‘how to make other people follow readily’ (Grace, 2011). The important element of defining the purpose of leadership is through establishment of forward looking plans while also anticipating growth. Employees generally look up to their leadership to lead them to prosperity and growth (Dyck, & Neubert 2010).
Organizational leadership requires a development of understanding of one’s worldview as much as that of others. Worldview is different from political stance, identity or religious viewpoint; it however does include these things (Dyck, & Neubert 2010). The person’s opinions, attitudes, beliefs as well as the outside forces that the individual allows to influence them define the worldview. Worldview is basically the operating instructions for ways in which the individual allows to influence them. A leader that does not take into mind worldview, is at a weaker position to lead the organization, more so, organizational leadership necessitates an understanding of the complex worldview of the entire organization that consists of several and in some cases conflicting worldview of…

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