Essay about Leadership And Team Based Organizations

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Leadership in Team-based Organizations
While this organization is likely a frequent topic for team based organizations, I cannot help but want to study Google. Working in a software development industry, the speed to market, and cohesiveness of Google’s products is not an easy achievement. From the beginning, Google has encouraged teams, and team based development (Google, n.d.). On their career page, it doesn’t list departments, it labels its typical departments teams and roles (Google, n.d.a). This paper explores characteristics common in team-based organizations, which leadership styles work well in this type of an organization, and how teams impact leader power and shape the organization. Finally, this paper discusses how leaders foster teamwork.
A team-based organization is very different from a traditional hierarchical organization. Hierarchy is minimized. At Google employees have access to the senior leaders on a company wide all hands meeting on a weekly basis (Google, n.d.). Instead of relying on hierarchy to enforce company approved behavior, team-based organizations focus on company values. The company value acts a company approved morality or virtue, which shapes employees behaviors (Yu-Feng Lin, 2014). In Google’s case, their main virtues is do no evil, and to never be satisfied, or always look for ways to improve (Google, n.d.b). Flat organizational structure is a key characteristic of team-based organizations.
Another key characteristic of team-based…

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