Essay about Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action

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Forces and Trends Research
Carol Becker
Crystal Dunn
Grace P. Jones
Christine Lisnock
Deo Melgaco
Denise Thompson
University of Phoenix
MBA580/Strategies for Competitive Advantage
Instructor: Christina Behling
March 30, 2009
Strategic Adaptability In the current times of deep environmental change caused by deteriorating economical conditions, a firm’s ability to embrace change and adapt is vital to survival. According to a study by Stoica (1995), adaptability was defined as below: “The capability of the organization to adjust to changes. It permits us to develop a theoretical framework for adaptability in the context of information search, filtering, and
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Microsoft’s Latin America Global Partner Support relies on its corporate culture to continue to provide excellent results despite the economic times. Political factors that can influence an organization come in many forms. Regulations concerning the environment, zoning, and tax structures are some example. The International Maritime Organization is a governing body that sets standards to regulate the shipping industry. Global concern for the environment has caused many businesses to be impacted by environmental regulations. If a business does not abide by current laws, it may lose its license to operate. An organization’s strategy must include plans to comply with current regulations and future laws that have not yet been enacted. A company’s ability to survive or thrive in the changing environments is based on their ability to adapt to the changes. If a company embraces change at the first indicator and is swift to react, it has a better chance to succeed.
Carol Becker
Remote Environment – Ecology A current trend in the remote environment is focusing on ecology. According to Pearce and Robinson (2005, p. 99), remote environments effects the way a firm does business, but a single firm rarely has an impact on overall remote environments. “The term ecology refers to the relationship among human beings and other

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