Leadership And Leadership During A Crisis Essay

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Leadership during a crisis can often be difficult to act upon. This role becomes difficult to a person who is not used to handling crises or even to a person who is afraid of leadership. Here are a few pointers for a way a leader should typically act during a crisis:
1. Taking their time to figure out what is going on.
2. Act promptly, not horrified.
3. Manage expectations.
4. Demonstrate control.
5. Keep loose.
6. Always keep perspective.
In most crises the one who is typically in the leadership role is the Mayor. The Mayor usually has his own team that he appoints to help him with managing and taking care of the crisis with him. These people are usually his assistants, police officers, firefighters, everyone in the different departments at the mayor’s office, and etc. When it comes to making decisions during a crisis, the person who is the leader would usually take suggestions from the people who are helping them but has the final decision. A leader never sticks to their original decision throughout the event because more things tend to happen that was not originally a part of the plan or even what was happening when the plan was originally thought out.
We measure the effect of a leader during a crisis by how effective their decision-making choices are. We watch every step they make their decisions for instance, during a snowstorm crisis, we look at the time of the day the leader would demand the streets to start being cleaned and where they will place all the snow…

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