Laws And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Laws are put into place to create structured control over a society. But are laws brought about due to fear? When a law is created is it not for the greater good of the majority? There is always the guilty and there is always the innocent. The innocent must be protected somehow and that job is expected to be fulfilled by our government. When one group attacks another, a gear begins to turn in people’s minds and emotions begin to stir. Fear controls a human like no other emotion. But with fear comes hatred and misunderstandings. All the reasons are left to interpretation as to why these acts have been committed. Yet, ultimately the laws have been passed to set barriers of safety providing us a crutch to lean on when we do not know what else to do. What does it mean when our Government begins to imprison a certain group of people due to their ethnic background? The United States is a country of pride and booming egocentrism so to lose face in a time of war is not a feat they could afford. America had let its guard down while in peace talks with Japan and the betrayal of Pearl Harbor was the catalyst in the American government being knocked down a peg. However, the more important issue was their citizens’ safety even at the expense of several others; one can never be too careful in times of war. By analyzing “That Damn Fence,” by an anonymous internee as well as other documents from the time, let us delve into the possibility that the Internment Camps were not the inhumane…

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