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Lawrence “Larry” Page was born on March 26th in East Lansing, Michigan. Larry’s father was a professor of computer science at Michigan State University, and also a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. Larry’s father supposedly gave him his first computer when he was just six years of age. Larry earned an undergraduate degree in engineering with a concentration in computer engineering at the University of Michigan, but later, Larry was admitted to the prestigious doctoral program in computer science at Stanford University. Larry met Sergey Brin, Google’s cofounder, during an introductory weekend for new students at Stanford. Sergey had already been enrolled when Larry joined the PhD program, one weekend, Sergey was assigned to a …show more content…
Larry is most often known for the search engine, Google was formally incorporated on September 4th, 1998, at the time other search-engines like Lycos and Infoseek were amongst the most popular search-engines. Google took the world by storm and in December of 1998 it was considered the best search tool on the internet. Google went worldwide in 2001 when they opened an office in Tokyo, Japan. Google also created a platform that would generate advertisements based on recent searches, this platform was extremely successful. By the end of 2004 Google had more than one hundred multilingual domains, and even their own email service called Gmail. Google is also widely known for YouTube, Google Play, Google Chrome, and those are just to name a few. Google Chrome is an internet browser that has been dubbed the world’s most popular internet browser, it even surpasses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Google has also dipped into the social networking market with Google+ which is slightly less successful than Facebook or Twitter, but at least it is more successful than Myspace. Google’s mobile devices run on Android OS, which is an open-source operating system which may make Android more appealing than Apple’s iOS. Android is the competitor to Apple’s devices, such as the iPhone or iPad, in fact, consumer surveys found that the number of iPhone users has declined for the first time since the initial launch, however Android OS continues to rise in the smartphone

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