Essay about Law Proposal : Death Of Death

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Law Proposal:
One who causes the death of another can be punished by death.

I do not completely approve of this law, nor do I completely condemn it. However, there is one major flaw which must not be overlooked. The problem with this proposed law is that the statement is too vague. For this proposed law in question to actually become law, it desperately needs to have included all the situations and details that will be prevalent with a statement such as the one proposed. And, since it leaves out many of these details, this law is incompetent. It is correct that one who causes the death of another should be punishable by death under certain circumstances; however, the statement never addresses if the death is that of murder or of accident. Furthermore, if this law be enacted, there would be no end to the death of people, as one is always inflicting the death upon another and therefore, the cycle would continue on indefinitely. Thus, I disapprove of this law proposal until further clarifications to certain circumstances are made.
When the proposer of this law simply states that anyone who causes the death of another can be punished by death, he is purposefully leaving out many important details. He is doing this for his own gain and to manipulate the law in any way he sees fit. That is, he has made this law, clearly for personal gain, as no one who is in their right mind would create such a vague law and question it into approval.
Consider if this same idea of the law were…

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