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A U.S. Retail cracker sale is an industry with the volume of $7 billion, consisting of 3 main brands: Kraft Food Inc., Kellogg Co and Pepperidge Farm, which cover almost 75% of the market. Pemberton, the snack food division of Candler Enterprises competes with these brands and offers the customers packaged food bars, cookies, muffin and doughnuts with superior experience of taste. On this goal, they aim to create better products: Their recipes are being improved and new products; new flavors are continuously being put in the market.

Pemberton is strong on their innovative side. They utilized direct store delivery (DSD) distribution system allowing them to directly
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These consumers also emphasized on the fact that their priority was to improve physical health and lose weight. Aside from Krispy natural Crackers, “other” crackers such as Pepperidge Farm Goldfish products grew from 13.9% to 14% in 2010. They were also concentration on health benefits of its consumers.

6 or more exhibits were given to show what this plan is going on, the 200 Krispy Single-serve sales Performance (Exhibit 1), both the rental and vend, the actual performance is less than the plan. The reason be concluded limited product line and the flavor, so based on the data the product and marketing strategy is plan to tweak. One of the things the Krispy change is testing the new flavor, the Product Testing Summary (Exhibit 2) shows obviously the new flavor attracted by consumers and has some overwhelming advantages than other brands. As this is a great product strategy, what other things left is marketing things. Two regional areas as the text place to sale the products. The Columbus and Southeast have the some strategy in advertising and promotion ways, however, It has different sales result. The data indicate, the Columbus doubled the sales plan but the Southeast only slight up to 10%. However, these do not show everything, cause the Columbus had no prior presentation before, and the Krispy is totally a New line here, Consumers are easy to receive the high price and premium style as

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