Lateral Violence Essay

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Mitigating Lateral Violence:
Design for Change in Practice
Stacy Lacaillade
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR451 Capstone Course
28 November, 2010

Design for Change in Practice Evidenced based practice (EBP) is an empowering process for improvement in the health care professions. Rosswurm and Larrabee (1999) credit the research studies which used meta - analysis, randomized clinical trials and systematic studies of patient outcomes over the last few decades as having started this shift from the “tradition of intuition – driven practice…to the new paradigm of evidenced based practice” (p.318). However, evidence has encountered a certain amount of difficulty being implemented into practice, thereby
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Finally a comprehensive reward and acknowledgement program will be implemented and given high visibility because this will help to establish a supportive environment (Roberts, Demarco & Griffin, 2009). The outcome would be measured in two primary ways. First over the course of a six month probationary period would the turnover and unexplained absences decrease. More specifically after the first three months would all turn - over, not related to hours or pay, stop. Unexplained absences are much harder to assess due to the nature of unexplained absences; however, the shareholders decided on a statistical reduction of 50% by the end of the six month probationary period as an indication of success. The second type of measurable assessment of the outcomes of the comprehensive morale program would be the use of anonymous surveys and brief in – person interviews during the bi – annual review. These surveys would assess the identification of team in terms of the individual to the larger group, the over – all job satisfaction, the presence or absence of lateral violence, and the opinion of each employee regarding the morale program. The brief interviews serve a two - fold purpose; first they continue to foster and develop open lanes of communication between staff and management, and second they provide an environment for feedback directly related to the performance being evaluated. These surveys and interview

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