Latchkey Essay

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Latchkey Children are children who are home alone while their parents work. Latchkey Children go home to empty houses after school, and are left alone until parents arrive home from work. These children are usually told by their parents to; do not answer the door, do not go outside; call the parents phone in an emergency, and to finish the homework when they get home. I'm sure that eight out of ten children honor these wishes. Parents usually leave a snack out for the children until they arrive home from work, or they would prepare dinner the night before so that the children could just warm the meal in the microwave. I'm familiar with this characteristic because I was a Latchkey Child. I remember the Community Action Agency van would wait …show more content…
The concern of safety, to questions of supervision, lack of help with homework, and too much TV, is what would bother the parent if the children were home while they worked. The Library has Security on the premises at all times. Volunteers frequent the Library just to help with pedestrian needs. There are no TV's at the Library so the only thing the children could do is read or surf the web. Surfing the web is monitored so worrying about what the children are viewing would be out of the question as well.
This program is beneficiary and exemplary because the school is involved. Parents have to give the school permission to drop the children off at the local Library, and the Library agrees to be the monitor of the children. The Library Latchkey Children Program is free to parents, so there is no charge. The children are able to go from one learning environment to another. The Library and School days coincide, so for Holidays the Library is closed just like school. While on winter and Spring Break the doors of the Library are open. This ensures the parents that the children will have some place to go while they are working. The Library offer programs to the children who frequent there on these Holidays.
This program ensures that they reach all targeted students by enlisting college students to volunteer. The volunteer hours help out the college students and the younger student's benefits by

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