Larry Golden Attempted On Systemic Issues Surrounding The Frankl Family

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Larry Golden attempted to expose systemic issues surrounding the Frankl family. When he did this, the family responded by taking a “there you go again” attitude. In order to effectively address the systemic issues, Golden would need to utilize a number of techniques while maintaining persistence. He would have benefited from taking more of a strategic approach rather than directly stating his observations. This approach would have allowed him to intervene without disclosing his intentions. In particular, Margot attributes her marital discord to “Melvin–generated” stress. She goes on to say, “Our marriage is the Titanic; Melvin is the iceberg.” This would be one of the first systematic issue I would devote my attention to. As I have already noted, Margot uses a metaphor to describe her marriage. This could be an effective technique used at a later time, potentially connecting Margot to the therapist in a unique way. In order to address more effectively the systemic issues, I would encourage a form of marriage counseling. By addressing the marital discord between Margot and Jacob, the system can be altered in a fundamental way. Encouraging change within the marriage will most likely push the family towards systematic change, inevitably affecting the relationship that Margot and Jacob have with Melvin. While working on their marriage, the therapist could address the enmeshed nature of the family, helping them draw appropriate and healthy boundaries. Homework assignments, which…

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