Language Pathology Case Study

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Do Private Speech Language Pathologists Provide the Best Care?
Speech language Pathologists provide the best service your child can get. However, services are often expensive as OHIP does not cover speech therapy. Parents then turn to either private insurance companies or the school board to seek help. The issue that then arises is that because there is the option of having a school based speech therapist see your child, private insurance companies are reluctant to cover SLP services. Another option that insurance companies deem a potential alternative to a private SLP is training the parent to carry out the duties of an SLP. This study seeks to develop an in depth understanding of SLP services. The study will compare the practice
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The purpose of this study will be to recommend what treatment option will best affect children with language impairments and to develop an in-depth understanding of each of these cases. Children treated by each of these groups will all have the same language impairment to result in a clear and reliable study. Advantages of using a case study is that it can reveal specific behaviors and interactions of participants and …show more content…
Key themes will specifically be analyzed such as expressive and receptive language skills. Also, the children’s feelings towards the treatment and whether they feel comfortable in the specific setting they are being treated in. The results of this study will be used to either support or used against insurance company appeals. If the results of this study show that private SLPs provide better rehab for children than school based SLPs and parents combined, then it can be used to support parents in their request for a private SLP.
Full permission from parents will need to be granted in order for the study to be conducted. Parents will be debriefed about what the study will entail and what the study will contribute to the field of Speech Language Pathology. The identity of the children will be confidential unless otherwise stated by the parent. Children’s assent will also be needed. A part of that will be to make sure that the child understands what it means for an observer to sit in during

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