Language And The Classroom As Young Children Essay

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Throughout the past few weeks of Studies in English Education, the main aspect that has been addressed is the term ‘multiliteracies.’ From completing this portfolio and attending each of the workshops, I have learned that to become a text producer I need to be involved with the variety of functions in language and literacy. Hill (2012) states that ‘to be multiliterate means to be literate in print-based and new communication technologies’ (p. 361). Such technologies include ‘electronic literacies, technoliteracies, digital literacies, visual literacies and print-based literacies’ (Hill 2012, p. 361). Text production is important to incorporate into the classroom as young children nowadays, are exposed to a variety of multimodal texts and it is imperative that we as educators, allow children to become socially interactive learners.
Young children learn quickly that the different types of reading and writing have alternative contexts. Therefore they should have a range of opportunities to manipulate the genre and to apply their skills and disposition toward reading and writing (Donavan, Milewicz, & Smolkin 2003 in Watanabe & Hall-Kenyon 2011). Derewianka & Jones (2012) states that each genre has a ‘characteristics structure’ and ‘goes through a number of stages to achieve each purpose’ (p. 10). Genre is important within the function of language as it enables a variety of expression and ideas. As we progress through the years, ‘we encounter a range of genres over which [we]…

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