Langston Hughes 's The Negro And The Racial Mountain Essay

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Analysis of Langston Hughes’s “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain” Langston Hughes’s essay, “The Negro and the Racial Mountain” explores the “Negro artist,” in which Hughes points out that the “Negro Artist” wishes to be more like white people. Hughes argues that African-American artists don’t know how to express themselves using their own culture, because they believe white people and even black people will not accept their artwork. In the essay, “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain” Hughes shows how a black artist will face disapproval of their artwork from both their own people and the white majority. In Hughes essay, “The Negro and the Racial Mountain” the African-American artist is stuck stuck between a rock in a hard place. The black artist feels he or she has to please everyone (whites and blacks) and believes the only way to please them is to act white. Hughes demonstrates this, when he says:
“The Negro artist works against an undertow of sharp criticism and misunderstanding from his own group and unintentional bribes from the whites. ‘Oh, be respectable, write about nice people, show how good we are,’ say the Negroes. ‘Be stereotyped, don 't go too far, don 't shatter our illusions about you, don 't amuse us too seriously. We will pay you,’ say the whites” (1).
In this part of the essay, readers can see that the “Negro artists” has many people in his ear telling him or her how to create their artwork. In the essay, the “Negro artist” does not have a…

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