Lan Topologies Essay

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LAN Topologies
Jason Smith
September 7 2014

LAN Topologies
Case Project 2-1 You have been hired to upgrade a network of 50 computers currently connected to 10 Mbps hubs. This long-overdue upgrade is necessary because of poor network response time caused by a lot of collisions occurring during long file transfers between clients and servers. How do you recommend upgrading this network? What interconnecting devices will you use, and what benefit will you get from using these devices? Write a short memo describing the upgrade and, if possible, include a drawing of the new network.

This system ought to have a central server that can control approaching and cordial transmissions. A central server would prevent
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A physical topology is the means by which they are really interconnected with wires and links. Case in point, in an imparted Ethernet organize that uses center points instead of switches, the logical topology shows up as though every hub is joined with a typical transport that runs from hub to hub. Be that as it may, its physical topology is a star, in which each hub on the system interfaces with a focal center point

● Bus topology
A bus topology is a kind of system setup where every machine and system gadget is associated with a solitary link or spine.

● Star topology
A star topology is a standout amongst the most well-known system setups where each of the devices and machines on a system join with a focal center point. A significant hindrance of this system topology is that if the focal center comes up short, all machines joined with that center point would be disengaged.

● Ring topology
Ring topology is a machine system arrangement where the devices are joined with one another. Every bundle is sent around the ring until it achieves its last objective. Today, the ring topology is sometimes utilized.

● Ethernet and CSMA/CD
Short for Carrier Sense Multiple Access/ Collision Detection, a set of standards deciding how arrange gadgets react when two gadgets endeavor to utilize an information channel at the same time (called a crash). Standard Ethernet systems use CSMA/CD to physically screen the activity hanging in the balance at taking an interest

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