Lakeside Essay

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The Lakeside Company:
Auditing Cases


Table of Contents

John M. Trussel and J. Douglas Frazer

A Note on Ethics, Fraud and SOX Questions 2

A Note on Research Assignments 3

Introductory Case 5

Case 1 14

Case 2 22

Case 3 33

Case 4 44

Case 5 58

Case 6 74

Case 7 82

Case 8 92

Case 9 101

Case 10 110

Case 11 116

Case 12 125


The Lakeside Company: Auditing Cases, 12th edition, has been updated in light of the accounting
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These assignments require the students to begin reading these journals prior to graduation. The students should become comfortable with their ability to understand and use the materials in professional publications. In addition, real-world aspects of many accounting issues are presented through these various readings.

- To develop the students' ability to derive viable solutions to auditing problems. Unfortunately, students in college often come to the belief that all auditing issues can be resolved simply by applying the pronouncements of various authoritative bodies. Textbooks too often present problems that have one ultimate answer. However, in many real cases, no definitive solutions actually exist. Thus, when faced with such problems, students must be capable of reviewing the available literature and then using that information as a basis for arriving at a workable decision.

- To promote auditing research. In most of these library assignments, students are provided with one or more resources as starting points for their research. However, the instructor should always push the students to look for more and different types of information. The ultimate purpose of these assignments is to force the students into the library and online sources to do the searching for themselves. One excellent method

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