To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Bond Between Mariam And Laila

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The bond between Mariam and Laila strengthens through the hardships brought upon them. When Mariam first met Laila she couldn 't find a connection to her. Rasheed found Laila among the rubble of her family 's home after a stray rocket hit. The attack resulted in the death of both her parents, but she somehow survived. After taking Laila into their home she discovers that she is pregnant with Tariq’s child. Because Rasheed threatened to evict Laila from his house she agreed to marry him. Because of the addition of a second wife Mariam takes a disliking towards Laila. But although Mariam treated Laila harshly she still stuck with her as an ally. Laila realized that as horrible as her situation was Mariam 's was just as depressing. When the birth …show more content…
In her final moments Mariam thinks of Laila. Mariam mourns that she will never be able to see Laila again. But Mariam realises that “[S]he was leaving the world as a woman who had loved and been loved back. She was leaving it as a friend, a companion, a guardian. A mother. A person of consequence at last.” Page 329. Mariam is comfortable with her death and finds peace because she believes that her relationship with Laila had brought meaning to her life. The motherly love the two shared helped Mariam rise above the low expectations her mother had for her. Unlike her mother mariam found strength in times of trouble and stopped being the victim of men. Even at Mariam 's trial she is degraded by the male judge. The judge told Mariam “God has made us differently, you women and us men. Our brains are different. You are not able to think like we can.” Pg 324. Mariam knew that she could not spend her life living with the anguish she had to endure. After Mariam’s death Laila knew that the bond they had formed never left. Mariam changed her life. "Mariam is never very far, she is here, in these walls they 've repainted, in the trees they 've planted, … But, mostly, Mariam is in Laila 's own heart, where she shines with the bursting radiance of a thousand suns." Because of the strong relationship the two had formed Mariam and Laila found

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