Lack Of Readiness Among Incoming College Freshman Essay

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Lack of Readiness Among Incoming College Freshman
Each year in the field of higher education, the number of students enrolling in college courses continues to increase while retention rates continue to decrease. As President of Abilene University, I propose to create a task force compiling of faculty/staff of every department within this school (both academic and non-academic) along with two local high school representatives, one alumni association representative and ten students from our school community. This task force will design an action plan that will highlight the need to implement transitional courses for our incoming freshman and possibly high school seniors not only in our community but nationwide. BY doing so, I hope to not only better prepare students for college curriculum, but ultimately increase degree completion rates for our university. Therefore, I oversee the following task force and plan in hopes of achieving both short-term and long-term goals while simultaneously fostering the university’s mission and values. That being said, while the task force will be composed of representatives of every area of our university, in order for this plan to remain effective, every individual of Abilene University must support this initiative.

Task Force Board
As President, I will ensure the that the task force remains productive and continues to take the proper steps needed to design an action plan which will offer its audience long term results.…

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