Lack Of Knowledge On Hand Hygiene Practices Essay example

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Lack of knowledge, for example,in a quantitative research conducted by (Timilshina et al 2011), was reported to be associated with sub-optimal use of personal protective equipment with only 22% of staff having the correct knowledge about standard precautions. A positive correlation has also been reported between knowledge and hand hygiene practices in nursing and medical students, with less knowledge leading to lower levels of compliance Suchitra and Lakshmi Devi (2013). However, there has been some confusion regarding whether improvements in knowledge raises levels of compliance with infection prevention and control precautions. DeJoy et al (2000), for example, reported that better knowledge predicted a 65% better general compliance with standard precautions compared to 38% without knowledge. However, (De Wandel et al, 2010) later found that theoretical knowledge of hand hygiene guidelines did not have any positive impact on hand hygiene practices. Some of the reasons for non-compliance reported include increased workload within the NHS and poor risk perceptions (Dinelli et al 2012). Lack of facilities available to support infection prevention and control practices have also been considered and have been found to hinder compliance Chelenyane and Endacott (2006), though no link has been found between the number of facilities available and rates of hospital infections (Borg et al 2009). On the contrary Lankford et al (2003) reported that an increase in the number of hand…

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