Lack Of Education And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Lack of Education and the Criminal Justice System.

After reading a few very good articles, I found that it is detrimental to rehabilitate our criminals with education. The statistics are clear that it cost less to educate the criminals than it is to keep them in jail. According to The American Prospect, We, the people spend more than $70 billion annually to place adults in the prisons and jails while there are also 7.3 million individuals needing supervision due to their probation and paroles. If the government made it clearer that there is money out there for the economically challenged, they could have an education before they make big life mistake. There might be less Crime, but some people feel that “if dad was in jail what 's the big deal.” The problem with the higher ups is that they had to pay for their children 's education so why should the criminals get it for free. If they only look at the long term effects on the jails and society, maybe they would understand.

Long term effects after they are released from prison could go either way, to the bad or to the good. The classes are considered a rehabilitation center for the inmates to learn to get back up on their feet and do the right and responsible things with their life once they are released. There is now a program called Second Chance Pell pilot program which allows paroles who choose to do the right thing, will give them a little bit of money to help then with supporting their families and to help them get…

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