Essay on Lab Report: Gas Laws

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Lab: Gas Laws

Purpose: Obtain a reference of temperatures effect on gas using Charles’ law when heating a capillary tube in water on a heated hot plate. Then, cooling the same capillary tube with ice while measuring the temperatures cooling effect on the gas bubble inside the capillary tube. Measurements of temperature change are taken with microLAB sensor and graphed using microLAB software. A final determination of experiments determined absolute zero versus actual absolute zero will be calculated to determine percentage of error in experiments data using Charles’ quantitative law of V1/T1=V2/T2. Obtain a reference of pressures effects on gas using Boyle’s law using a gas sample of standard “air” within a syringe and measuring
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Took measurements of pressure at volume settings from 34 mL, 29 mL, and 25 mL while applying pressure, and then measured from 25 mL, 29 mL, and 34 mL while pulling and applying suction. MicroLAB measured the pressure and volume changes, please reference attached graph labeled Boyle’s law. Found the correlation coefficient (P vs. 1/V) to be .999, information was given as a quantitative value from microLAB. Data:
Please see attached graph labeled

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