Lab Report for n-Butyl Bromide Preparation Essay example

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Lab 5 n-Butyl Bromide Preparation
The purpose of this lab is to properly extract and distill n-butyl bromide It is ideal to perform this technique with accuracy, which can be measured by the percent yield.
n-Butyl Bromide- clear, yellow liquid that is slightly soluble in water. Molar weight of 137.02g and has zero reactivity.

Sodium Bromide- white, crystals, granules. Soluble in water with no reactivity. Molar weight of 102.89g.

Sulfuric Acid- colorless liquid that is miscible in water and produces heat. Highly reactive and has molar weight of 98.08g.

Sodium Bicarbonate- baking soda, white lumps that are soluble in water. Zero reactivity and has molar weight of 84.01g.

Water- polar with
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Mass of final product:
Mass of product + vial = 21.032g
Mass of vial only = 20.763g
Mass of product, alkyl layer = 21.032g-20.763g = 0.269g
The appearance of my product was clear
Percent Yield = actual/theoretical x 100
During this experiment, there were many chances for mistakes. With every extraction of one layer from another, product could have easily been left behind and discarded in the aqueous solution. The opposite could have occurred too. Some of the aqueous solution could have ended up in the ending product, which would have prevented accuracy in the weights. Both of these errors could explain why my percent yield is so low. Every time you transfer the product into another container you risk losing some of it behind in the process. Next time, I will be more careful and accurate when using the pipets to separate my solutions.
PG. 203
NaOH would react with H2SO4 to form Na2SO4 which may precipitate in a mixture of organic solvents.
The alkyl halide layer switches from the top layer to the bottom layer at the point where water is added because the halide has a density greater then water (1.257g/mL)
Dibutyl ether (SN2) and 1-butene (E1)
A. Sodium bicarbonate was needed to wash the n-butyl bromide to remove any

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