La Nouvelle Vague: Influential Filmmakers Essay

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“ La Nouvelle Vague “

… The dawn of the fifties & the dusk of the sixties, exactly sometime around 1959 & 1964, when it all started with an underground organization that is called “ Cinémathèque française” That regularly showed older films from different origins & with other influenced movements around that chose to follow their own directions & had it own characteristics & methods and so it was the birth of “ The Angry Young Men “ in the United Kingdom, who dared to challenge the status quo of that stage & shed light on the working class heroes, & it was given this name as a trend in the film making among directors, & at other parts of the world such as the “The Italian Neorealism” That was Championed By Bazin ( Founder of “ Le
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They were young and through the cine-club, they managed to gather 100.000 people with the same eager obsession to move it further in more than two hundred clubs , they managed to bring their ideas to life with Andre Bazin a film theorist who majored in studying and criticism, co-founded and published the world known specialized film magazine “Cahiers du cinéma” “ a in 1951, along with Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and Lo Duca, that was followed by many other magazines such as “L’ecran Francais” “The French Monitor”, “Revue Du Cinema” “The Cinema Review”, “Postif” that all majored and had the role to create the New Wave In of the French Cinema.

“the cinema is becoming a means of expression like the other arts before it, especially painting and the novel. It is no longer a spectacle, a diversion equivalent to the old boulevard is becoming, little by little, a visual language, i.e. a medium in which and by which an artist can express his thoughts, be they abstract or whatever, or in which he can communicate his obsessions as accurately as he can today in essay or novel”. Alexandre Astruc

Astruc was one of the most influential along with Andre Bazin, Wrote that when he saw that cinema is becoming more than just a show, it became a visual language, understood by expressions and thoughts same as books, novels,

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