Kuhn 's Book On Scientific Research Essay

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Kuhn’s book on Scientific Research offers a widened view on how the research and approach on different paradigms varies from one scientist’s approach to another. It is important to acknowledge that effective research begins even before the scientific community has acquired answers to most delicate questions like the: composure of universe, interaction of fundamental entities of this creation, questions that might be asked and techniques employed to seek answers and solutions to these questions.
He goes back to the classics of science such as the writings of Aristotle, Ptolemy, Galileo, Newton etc., where most of the early eighteenth and nineteenth century science had based their research. That consisted as a ground of intensifying the scientific research on different fields. The author mentions that the existence of paradigm need not imply that any full set of rules exist.
The author bears down the fact that scientists work together, implying that when a scientist starts working on a theory other scientist will look into it and develop it from altered fields. This lays light on differences on how a scientist views a theory. The author refers that the paradigms of a scientific discovery varies from one scientist to another, because they see different concepts of the theory, the best example for this concept among many others the author suggests is the discovery of oxygen. Both Priestley and Lavoisier two well-known scientist of that time made the claims to oxygen. Although,…

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