Essay on Krishna and Hinduism Worldview

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The question of condition, or problem, mainly focuses on what is wrong with the world and your surroundings or with yourself. In the Krishna and Hinduism world view, the problem is the illusion, or Maya, that people tend to build about themselves and what surrounds them. Maya is when people see themselves as something separate instead of the common Hindu belief that all things are connected. Maya brings ignorance, attachment, and reincarnation into the lives of people. People start thinking that they are the most important thing around and do not think about the harm that they may bring to others and mainly their own souls. They start betraying and killing for simple desires instead of for ones own good. By being this
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The members of each caste must fulfill duties depending on their stage in life, some including the studying of texts or taking care of the household. Women have the moral responsibility of being committed to their husbands and children. They are responsible of making sure that the religion continues on generation after generation. Some rules of the caste system include that each caste member should keep to their own and lessen the mixture between those of a lower caste, especially the Dalits, the "non-Hindus". For Dalits, it is wrong to act superior to others and right to be unseen and to stay away from the others in their community who are not also Dalits, "A [Hindu] man should not deal with them in any way; they must do business and marry only among themselves"(Laws of Manu 10.51-57 p.45). Although each caste is different in many ways, each one of them do share some moralities, "Duties common to all castes are patience, truthfulness, restraint, purity, liberality, [and] self-control" (Institutes of Vishnu 2 p.44). Even though each Hindu may be living their lives on different levels, they all have the responsibilities of living their lives according to those words mentioned in the phrase above.

Happiness and Purpose:
What is the purpose of life and what can bring it happiness and fulfillment? Following the four paths mentioned before helps bring the enlightenment which in reality is the

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