Kolberg's Moral Development Model

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Appendix A
Mike believes that ethical leadership is possible in a shareholder focused economy and he believed that company will be ethical which required the top management in corporations with good ethical behaviour and apply ethical rules and regulations. Mike’s decision making is influenced by situational factors. Proximity affect Mike to make judgement as he has little disillusioned his viewpoint due to her daughter. Mike believed that follow the virtuous ways of having ethical behaviour in a company will producing good behaviour. According to Kolberg’s moral development model, Mike is between Level 1 Stage 2 and Level 2 stage 3. This is due to the fierce argument with his daughter who only cares of getting rich quickly and waver his mind-set
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Deshi believes that leadership is about getting things done and creating profitable and successful in business, ethics to him is waste of time, ludicrous, not practical and doesn't contribute to success. According to code of corporate governance, business is about earning as much profit possible in short time. Based on Deshi experience, he often saw cut-and-thrust on modern business. Deshi decisions making is egoism as his only care of his self-interests of making money and seen no sense of taking ethical course. Deshi belongs to Level 3 Stage 5 in Kolberg’s moral development model as he individually believes that ethical leadership is not important in doing business and making profit is more important than anything …show more content…
Pay attention and focus on the person who are speaking are the basic manners that we need to give to the speaker and trying to interpret the message they are trying to get across. In group discussion, I had to listen and focus on my group member when they are identifying the question or the problem. When they come to some of the point or focus, I will also take down a note. After listen their views or opinions, I will start to share my opinion and also ask question on my queries. Certainly, emotional self-control is required, when there are situation which I did not agree to. After getting opinion and questioning, I have to be assertive to get my ideas and get the jobs done to solve the

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