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Koch Brothers EXPOSED: 2014 (ft. Bernie Sanders) • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM • BRAVE NEW FILMS. Dir. Brave New Films. 2015. 8 April 2016. .
1. Harry Reid “I don’t admire the Koch brother’s. I am not against people who make money that’s fine, but what they do with their money isn’t fine with me. Koch Brothers are bound and determined to do away with government.”
2. Koch brothers use their money to widen the gap of income equality
3. Father Fred Koch made all his money in oil with the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin
4. Fred Koch wrote screed against civil rights movement saying it was communist driven
5. Koch industries has put over $100 billion into the brothers pockets
6. They are the 2nd largest privately held corporation in the country
7. Koch industries in one of the top 15 polluters in the country
8. The
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The Koch brothers make $13 million a day
36. You would need to work 690 years to make what the Koch brothers make in a day at minimum wage.

Greenwald, Robert. Exposing the Koch Brothers and the price we all pay. 28 May 2014. Website. 14 April 2016. .
—. Exposing the Koch Brothers and the Price We All Pay. Brave New Foundation, 2014. Blog.
1. Worked in the dark for years to influence the government
2. Do not want to increase the minimum wage
3. Average Americans and the environment suffer from the Koch brothers money
4. Father built oil pipelines for the soviet dictator Joseph Stalin
5. The Koch brothers have given hundreds of millions of dollars to influence elections by donating to campaigns
6. The Koch brothers are worth over $100 billion
7. The Koch’s are among the richest in America
8. The brother’s oppose minimum wage increases
9. The Koch’s also supported voter suppression ideas like new voter ID laws

Rucke, Kate. Koch Brothers Already Accused Of Corruption In 2014 Elections. Mint Press News, 2014. Website. 4 april 2016. .
1. The Koch brothers spent nearly $900000 to support George W. Bush and others in the 2000 presidential

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