Knowledge Of Prior Criminal History Essay

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The author of this research paper explores why knowledge of prior criminal history affects the health care standards in correctional facilities. The access to past criminal history of patients being treated in correctional facilities is said to be primarily responsible for the poor treatment they tend to receive when seeking medical attention as inmates. Despite efforts to separate an inmates’ criminal past from those responsible in providing medical care; criminal history of individuals is publicly accessible and difficult to restrict. Society as a whole tends to hold a bias toward specific types of crimes committed against their citizens, such as: rape, child molestation, and human trafficking. Individuals convicted of these types of crimes are often subject to bias when receiving medical treatment while incarcerated. Health care professionals must place aside their personal feelings and provide professional care to incarcerated individuals, as they are patients not inmates to them. Although team work between correctional officers and medical staff is a must in order to perform daily tasks involving inmates’ medical needs, there must be a clear difference between medical and security staff bedside manner. Personal judgment, methods of treatment, and bedside manner are among the topics discussed and explore by the author as they relate to correctional health care, and their correlation to knowledge of past criminal history.

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