Knowledge Is Power Essay

924 Words Nov 20th, 2015 4 Pages
Knowledge is power. Growing up and developing a sense of individuality is a part of our ongoing journey which will constantly evolve.Through education, we are able to understand the world in a way which provides us with ideas of personal opinion as well as what is wrong or right.Though I strongly believe that education is one of the most significant factors in building character and fostering ethical and social virtues, I also believe that it takes more than knowledge to build a person’s virtues .Some may believe that just because one has knowledge and an educational background, they are excluded from committing crimes against humanity.Others may think that in order for an individual to become an exemplary person, he must have an educational background. From our first breath, our environment begins to influence us.We are neither born as criminals nor saints.At first, it seems that we are all given an equal oppurtunity to build a life and future which will not only influence us as individuals, but mankind as a whole. Ideas of innocence at birth is easier said than done because we are all born into different lives. Our environmental factors influence us greatly. One environmental factor which has became a norm in society is the educational system. At school, we are taught about many things which help us gain a better understanding in the world. History class teaches us about the gruesome past in hopes of influencing the current generation to not repeat it. Knowledge is not a…

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