Knowledge Is Power

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Knowledge is Power “Knowledge comes by eyes always open and working hands; and there is no knowledge that is not power”-Ralph Waldo Emerson. Throughout history men have fought and died for power. Great men such as Charlemagne of France and Augustus Caesar the first emperor of Rome shed blood and sweat to reach their goals of gaining and holding power. What is it however, that made these men of great statues come to power? What gave them the ability to become great leaders among their people? Knowledge, without it a man is nothing. Common knowledge is what makes a man great, but knowledge in the form of power far surpasses common knowledge. Knowledge is a source of power though military advancements and tactics, through government, and through …show more content…
These felt-covered tent dwelling people left their mark on history through their fierce speed and outstanding military skill. They used horses as their main means of transportation moving their army up to 70 miles a day on their conquest to conquer Afro-Eurasia. The Mongols used two key ideas to conquer their enemies. The mounted archer had pinpoint accuracy up to great distances while his horse was in full gallop underneath him. Along with these deadly archers, Mongols used an advanced method of warfare called the “feigned retreat” in which their soldiers would sound a sudden retreat call right in the middle of battle and fall back to a designated location only to rapidly reform their lines and slaughter the charging enemy. This style of warfare was brutal against enemies without the knowledge of the Mongols feigned retreat and it was not until the feigned retreat was used against the Mongols that they suffered a defeat. The use of tactics in warfare are still necessary in today’s battlefield and having the knowledge of good tactics can mean victory or defeat in a …show more content…
An example of well-planned government is the Roman Republic. Turning away from common kings, who were common in that day and age, the Roman constitution laid the frame work for one of the most impressive and well-rounded government of its time. A legislative body of men were assembled to make important legislation and vote on said legislation. Next, there was the Senate who’s purpose was to handle affairs of the country. This group of men were expected to be well polished and very knowledgeable about the laws that were in place. The final piece of the Roman government set up by their constitution was magistracies, who were elected by the people on one year terms. These magistrates were given the task of handling water supply to his people, roads in and out of his given area, and if necessary to lead an army into battle. Along with these sound ideas, the Roman government was designed for expansion. It was designed to adapt to the times as cultures and societies changed and evolved. The founders of the Roman republic used their knowledge of government to set up arguably the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. They knew that they could not see the future so they designed a system that could adapt with the changing times. The Romans are a great example of knowledge being power in that they knew how to establish a republic but also they knew that the future might bring

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