The Power Of Innocence In We Are Seven By William Wordsworth

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The author of a poem has the power to simultaneously tell a captivating tale while using his words to illustrate a masterpiece; opening in your mind’s eye a portal to what reality they want you to experience. In “We are Seven” William Wordsworth utilizes this power and has his readers experience more than just a sixty nine line dialogue between a “little cottage girl” (6) and an older gentleman. In sixteen quatrains Wordsworth uses the form of his ballad to express his opinions on topics such as the contrast between maturity and childlike innocence, spirituality, the relationship between life death regarding their connection with joy. Innocence can be seen in many ways. To certain individuals it can be disregarded as ignorance, while others hold on to innocence because the world is so void of it. In “We are Seven” both sides are evident in the sixty nine line dialogue. Wordsworth wrote his ballad with a simple childlike rhythm as if it was from a story book or nursery rhyme. Even though its subject is death the tone doesn’t stay forlorn.
“My stockings there I often knit,
My kerchief there I hem;
And there upon the ground I sit—
I sit and sing to them” (41-44)
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Since she is physical alive and able to move and her siblings can’t then they are no longer part of the seven. They no longer exist among the living. If the young girl saw it from his point of view she would have to admit that death is the end for John and Jane and that “[they] are only five”(36) and admitting that kind of loss would be devastating for an eight year old and Wordsworth recognized that. Going back to the first stanza he included “What should it know of death?”(4) meaning a child shouldn’t have to experience death at such a young age and if they do how will they handle it. In this case her specific views of life and death didn’t let the introduction of death into her life change her. Wordsworth didn’t make her cynical and

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