Essay on Knowing My Future By Looking At My Past

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Knowing my Future by Looking at my Past In my English 251 class at College of the Sequoias, a question I was asked was, “Why are you here?” I was asked that question about five times and finally had an epiphany. I didn’t know how I realized I wanted to be a mechanic until I went through this exercise. It wasn’t long ago when my father finally decided it was time to leave. I was about fourteen years old when he left, and it was four days after my birthday. At four in the morning, my mom woke me up and told me that my dad wanted to tell me something. When I got to the kitchen he was standing there with look I’ve never seen before. What he said was,” I’m leaving. I can’t be here anymore.” When I asked why all he said was that he no longer loved my mom. I was sad to hear he no longer wanted to be part of our life, but I tried not to care. I use it more as motivation to prove to people that I can do something good with my life. My dad would always tell my mom things just to put her down. One thing he would tell her is that we need him. He said that we wouldn’t be able to last without him. I wanted to prove him wrong.
Ever since he left I haven’t had a real conversation with him. Most of my friends knew what happened so they knew not to involve my dad in our conversations. I would always hear my mom talking about my dad to other people, and it only made me hate him more. My close friend once told me I shouldn’t hate him all my life, but he didn’t know what the real reason was.…

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