Knower Theory Essay

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Often times the conflict between the understanding of a subject versus the emotion felt from the subject go hand in hand.The knower 's perspective create uncertainty in understanding the areas of knowledge. In Theory the Knowledge the areas of knowledge are Mathematics,Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, History, The Arts, Ethics, Religious Knowledge Systems, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems. These are all areas that relatively can cause uncertainty in the understanding or beliefs the knower has with a certain subject.
Depending on your understanding of an area of knowledge your perspective may differ based on your valediction or certainty of the topic. For an example, when I was in tenth grade I held a great disdain for Chemistry, this was
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For instance, when I first learned how to play a violin in sixth grade, I was prepared and excited to learn. I was prepared because before sixth grade, I learned how to play the flute, recorder, and the piano. Which created an advantage for me when I learned to the violin, since I already knew how to read music. Therefore I had minimal difficulties learning a new instrument, in contrast with my peers who never played an instrument before. While I did have minimal difficulties playing the violin, it was still baffling at times, but not as much as it would have been had I not played any instrument beforehand. Resulting in the creation of a positive emotional response to an area from which I could have had uncertainty and a troublesome time understanding the …show more content…
While my teacher was a big fan of experiencing new adventures in life everyday. One day, we went on a field to River Legacy Park. We observed all the different types of different animals that could be found in a forest. At the park they had an exhibit, that allows students touch an Anaconda. My teacher was very persistent in having every single one of her students touch the snake. I was very scared, since I hated reptiles so I was uncertain whether it would be pleasant experience touching a snake. I ended up touching the snake and having a new perspective on reptiles. My teacher and I had a different perspectives and claims on whether reptiles were interesting or not. We had conflicting perspectives yet or claims ended up different from what we had at

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