Knots In My Yo String Analysis

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Jerry Spinelli, the author of the audio biography Knots in my Yo-Yo String is very much like me. As a young child he has known as “perfect”. Though he learned that maybe all the time he doesn’t have to be perfect. I’ve been living with this same knot in my life for a very long time, probable since I was six. It all started when I wouldn’t color outside the lines of coloring pages, my room had to be my way, neat and tidy, and whatever I was doing it was my way. Throughout my life as I grow up this knot was been gathering more and more string. The feeling that now I can’t fail and I have to spend more time to perfect whatever I or a group does together. I have never been told from someone to not focus on every detail or to not put so much time into my work, so I try to tell this to myself. I’m actually putting more pressure on myself. This knot is going to be very hard to untangle, but I’m not going to give up.
Perfection is what I would call it, a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence. My everyday life has been greatly affected by this knot both positively and negatively. At school I generally do exceedingly well on assignments and papers, due to that I pay great
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Jerry Spinelli like me was a perfectionist. He realized that maybe being perfect is not key. The knots in his yo-yo string symbolized that neatness and perfection was not what life is about. Instead it was willingness, bravery, and the capabilities to see beyond the knots. Being a perfectionist has many pros, but you also have to think about the cons as well. Many factors including stress, fear, and self-esteem can greatly overtake your life. So to make sure I don’t become like this I have to stay devoted and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. I will always remind myself “strive for success, not

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