Flawlessness In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birthmark

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Flawlessness, the most unattainable thought in which we all pursue to achieve. Many are obsessed with perfection. In our attempts, we utilize compulsiveness as an instrument to impart the most astounding gauges or execution conceivable. This approach to accomplishing our objectives has positive and negative results. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story The Birthmark, he exposes how Alymer, a neurotic perfectionist (a person who strives for unrealistic goals and is dissatisfied when the task is not achieved), deals with his wife’s flaw. I believe that Georgiana’s birthmark was a sign from God that no one is perfect. Her husband believes that had she not been her distinctive, admirable birthmark, she would be perfect. The question has been widely debated, should …show more content…
The very accomplishment of Aylmer's flawlessness attempt would soon fate Georgiana to death. So it is ironic that the one invention he successfully creates kills his wife. Aylmer's drive to make his wife perfect was destined for disappointment in light of the fact that flawlessness, I believe, is heaven which cannot be found on earth. The birthmark is in the shape of a small hand, symbolizing God’s touch and mortality. Since she is turned into a “perfect being”, her touch from God has been removed, ultimately taking away her mortality. Hawthorne illustrates in his story that everything in life has end. The hunger for perfection not only killed Georgiana, it also ruined her husband in which his pursuit to make the perfect wife turned into an obsession that kept him from accepting her amazing qualities. Men adored her; believed that her birthmark made her more beautiful than other women. Women along with Alymer disliked it. It disappeared whenever she blushed. Alymer does not understand the true meaning of perfection. His discoveries made him well known among the top inventors. In spite of his great feats, Aylmer’s misperception tragically kills his

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