Knights During The Middle Ages Essay

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During the Middle Ages, knights were very well known, honorable, military men. Knights followed a set of rules called the Code of Chivalry, which they learned at a very young age. To have training for battle, knights would also participate in tournaments. All of the training that the young men did led to their becoming of a knight. To become a knight, these young men had to go through many years of training and education from being a page, squire, and then to a full knight.
Knights during the medieval period were skilled swordsmen on horseback that fought in battles around Western Europe. Knights were very important warriors in the Middle Ages starting from around the 8th century when the feudalism period arose. These medieval knights were mainly boys born from nobility, and they were rarely from any other social class. Young men starting their careers as knights were also not at a very high ranking in society. These men would have to build up their skills, which made their value to their kings and nobles higher, and eventually gain them a high social ranking. Since there were no military schools for knights, they would go to another lord’s village to train, which was picked by their parents. The parents of the young boy would often choose the boy’s lord he would stay with by the time their son was born. They would also choose, or at least try to find, a family that has an equal or greater amount of wealth and authority as them. Once the parents thought that their son was…

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